Pair Multiple Apple Watches to Your iPhone


Today, Apple released developer previews of iOS 9.3 and watchOS 2.2 that include the ability to pair multiple Apple Watches to a single iPhone. For the new feature to work, all devices must run either iOS 9.3 or watchOS 2.2. Connecting more than one Apple Watch to a single iPhone will be incredibly useful for users who want to use different Watch models for different situations. For example, an Apple Watch Edition owner can exclusively wear the luxury device in scenarios that pose little damage to the device. In addition, a separate Apple Watch Sport can also be paired to the user’s iPhone for use during more strenuous activities. The iPhone will detect which Watch is being worn and automatically connect the active Watch.

Expect the public release of iOS 9.3 and watchOS 2.2 to arrive in several weeks.

Apple Launches Official Apple Watch Dock


Apple launched a new Apple Watch dock today, which features the magnetic Apple Watch charger atop a white disk. The magnetic connector flips up and down to allow users to either dock their Apple Watch in a flat position or on its side, as shown above. This feature offers a way to easily enable the Nightstand mode included in watchOS 2. With nightstand mode, the time, date, charge level, and alarm status is displayed when the screen is lightly touched.

The Apple Watch dock retails for $79 and includes a lightning to USB cable. The dock became available online today for delivery and in-store pickup beginning November 20.

WatchOS 2 Now Available

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.54.19 PMAfter a short delay following a bug, Apple has released watchOS 2 for Apple Watch. The new operating system was originally scheduled to be released alongside iOS 9, but Apple discovered a last-minute bug and decided to delay the release. You can now download and install the update by launching the Apple Watch app on iPhone and selecting general then software update.

WatchOS 2 brings many improvements, but the most notable is the ability for Apple Watch to run native apps. This will give apps access to critical sensors and hardware on the Apple Watch, such as the accelerometer and speaker. App opening times will also be greatly reduced. Other watchOS 2 improvements include several new watch faces and a new nightstand mode.

Apple Announces watchOS 2 at WWDC

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.39.38 PM

Today at WWDC, Apple announced an update to its Apple Watch operating system. WatchOS 2 includes several user interface refinements, as well as new developer tools. New watch faces allow users to select their own photo and set it as their watch face. In addition, animated time lapse scenes of select cities will be available to set as the watch face. Developers can now create their own complications so users can check the status of their cars, flights etc. with just a glance at their wrist. A new nightstand mode allows users to charge their Apple Watch on the side while it displays the current time. If a user sets an alarm, the digital crown and communications button will serve to activate the off and snooze functions. The most important aspect of Apple’s watchOS 2 is the fact that developers can create native apps for Apple Watch. Currently, Apple Watch apps run on iPhone and project a user interface on the Watch. With watchOS 2, developers can create apps that run fully on the Apple Watch. This new capability brings much faster app loading times. Also, developers can now make use of the Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor and digital crown.

The Apple Watch watchOS 2 is available to developers as a beta today and will be available to the public in the fall.