Apple Watch Sport Unboxing

The Apple Watch Sport packaging is beautiful! It features a long, heavy solid white box with an embossed Apple Watch logo and configuration information. Inside, the Watch has its own small box, which makes it feel expensive and personal. Overall, the Apple Watch Sport packaging makes the product feel like a wearable because of its substantial box design. Watch the full unboxing video above to see the Apple Watch Sport packaging.

Apple Watch Packaging Possibly Revealed on Instagram


Images of Apple Watch packaging emerged today on Instagram user Jeremy Gan’s account. The image features an Apple Watch sitting atop a sleek plastic container. A pedestal slot allows the Watch to stand up. This packaging is consistent with Apple’s sleek, minimalist boxes. While the images have many elements that make them seem authentic, Apple has not released official images of its Apple Watch packaging, so the posted pictures could be counterfeit. Also, Apple already stated that Apple Watch Edition will include a more luxurious box that can be used for charging the device. Apple-Watch-Bands-PackagingJeremy Gan also posted a picture of an Apple Watch band package. The box simply shows a picture of the band and indicates the size. Additional Apple Watch bands can be purchased to give users more customization options with Apple Watch. The official Apple Watch packaging materials will be revealed when Apple releases the Watch on April 24th.