Apple Watch Classic Buckle Review

Apple’s most traditional Watch band gives the device a classic appearance, which may be the band’s biggest drawback. Conventional watch design graces the Classic Buckle in the form of a polished stainless steel buckle and smooth, stitched leather. The leather could be thicker and higher quality, but it’s not bad for the moderate price of the band. On first glance, this particular Watch band seems bland and unimaginative. For some, the blandness won’t cease, but others will appreciate the band’s simplicity.

The Classic Buckle shifts attention away from the Watch’s band to the actual device. As evidenced by the extra metal bar separating the leather from sliding into the Watch’s band mechanism (all other Watch bands harmoniously fuse into the Watch’s body), Apple wants to show off the device’s beauty with the Classic Buckle. The stunning details of the stainless steel Watch become more visible with the simplified band. The way the sapphire glass meets the stainless steel is more dramatic and the black cap on the Digital Crown is actually noticeable.

This Watch band is perfect for simple, toned down attire, but might be too ordinary for others. The Classic Buckle retails for $149 at the Apple Store and is available for both Watch sizes in a variety of colors.

Apple Unveils New Nylon Apple Watch Bands

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For the first time, Apple has added a Woven Nylon band to its Apple Watch collection. Announced at the “Let Us Loop You In” event, the Nylon band marks the first time Apple has introduced an entirely new design and material for its Watch bands. The band is constructed from 4 layers of woven nylon, which gives the appearance of a striped design on the outward facing part of the band. A contrasting layer of color lines the inside of the band. The traditional watch buckle is constructed with aluminum to match the Apple Watch Sport.

The Woven Nylon band is great for anyone looking for a casual band besides the existing Sport Band. It will ship later this mont for $49 in 7 colors including Gold/Red, Gold/Royal Blue, Royal Blue, Pink, Pearl, Scuba Blue, and Black.

Tom Ford Apple Watch Accessories

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In a recent Vogue interview, fashion designer Tom Ford commented on Apple Watch and its role in the fashion world. Ford says he views “Apple products as fashion accessories,” especially the Apple Watch. While designers often create iPhone cases, the Apple Watch provides a unique opportunity for designers to produce technological accessories that are meant to be worn. Ford currently sells two versions of a Pocket Watch Chain that allows users to attach an Apple Watch in the slot where bands usually attach. The chain is available in gold and silver and retails for $1,490.

Tom Ford’s Pocket Watch Chain represents how technology and design can combine to create beautiful products with powerful digital features. As more people buy Apple Watch, the device will start to look increasingly pedestrian, so innovative designers like Tom Ford can bring their signature styling to the device.

Do you view the Apple Watch as a fashion accessory?

Apple Watch 2 Not Launching at Apple’s March Event


Today, several sources reported Apple’s plan to introduce new products at a March, 15th event. Since the Apple Watch launched last April, many people assumed Apple would update the device about a year later, as the company does with other flagship products like the iPhone. Now, insiders say Apple will not launch a second generation Apple Watch this spring, but will instead update its line of Apple Watch bands. It remains unclear which bands will be updated or if any new watch bands will be announced, but expect new Sport Band colors, which Apple updated once before at a September event.

Expect the new Apple Watch bands to launch besides a new iPad Air 3 and iPhone 5se at a press event on March 15th.

Exclusive Apple Watch Configurations Available for Chinese New Year


In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Apple will release two new exclusive Apple Watch Sport configurations. One configuration will include the silver Apple Watch Sport with a Red Sport Band, while the other configuration will feature the Gold Apple Watch Sport with the same Red Sport Band. These special edition models will go on sale January 15th and continue to be sold until February 22nd in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. 38mm and 42mm versions of the Watch will be available. While the Chinese New Year will mark the first time Apple will sell the Apple Watch Sport with the Red Sport Band, users can buy the band separately and attach it to their Watches, so these special models are not expected to become collectable editions of the Apple Watch.

Space Black vs. Stainless Steel Apple Watch – Comparison

The regular Apple Watch comes in two colors, Space Black and Stainless Steel. While both Watches are constructed from stainless steel, the Space Black variation features a diamond-like carbon layer to create a deep black color. Because of its color, the Space Black version appears sleeker since all the Watch components blend to form a harmonious surface. The Space Black Apple Watch is a $100 premium over the regular Stainless Steel Apple Watch.

Apple To Release Additional Apple Watch Sport Bands


Apple will release new Apple Watch Sport bands in a variety of colors at its September 9th media event. The new colors will consist of more neutral and darker colors to complement the current neon colors available. More colors will give Apple Watch sport customers more customization options, which will increase Apple’s Apple Watch profits. News of the additional colors first surfaced in April when Jony Ive showcased several new colors at Milan Design Week. Apple hopes the broader range of Apple Watch band colors will entice people purchasing the new iPhone 6s to also invest in an Apple Watch.