Apple Watch Classic Buckle Review

Apple’s most traditional Watch band gives the device a classic appearance, which may be the band’s biggest drawback. Conventional watch design graces the Classic Buckle in the form of a polished stainless steel buckle and smooth, stitched leather. The leather could be thicker and higher quality, but it’s not bad for the moderate price of the band. On first glance, this particular Watch band seems bland and unimaginative. For some, the blandness won’t cease, but others will appreciate the band’s simplicity.

The Classic Buckle shifts attention away from the Watch’s band to the actual device. As evidenced by the extra metal bar separating the leather from sliding into the Watch’s band mechanism (all other Watch bands harmoniously fuse into the Watch’s body), Apple wants to show off the device’s beauty with the Classic Buckle. The stunning details of the stainless steel Watch become more visible with the simplified band. The way the sapphire glass meets the stainless steel is more dramatic and the black cap on the Digital Crown is actually noticeable.

This Watch band is perfect for simple, toned down attire, but might be too ordinary for others. The Classic Buckle retails for $149 at the Apple Store and is available for both Watch sizes in a variety of colors.

Apple Lowers Watch Price by $50

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 7.32.28 PM

Today, Apple lowered its entire collection of Apple Watch Sport and aluminum Apple Watch models by $50. Now, 42mm Apple Watches sell for the same price as what 38mm Apple Watches previously sold for, while the 38mm models are simple $50 cheaper.

The move to make Apple Watch more financially accessible will promote sales of the device, which is already the number one selling smartwatch in the world. Increased incentives to buy the Apple Watch, such as this price drop, represent Apple’s effort to grow the product out of the accessory category the product is sometimes perceived to fall into. As with the original iPhone, price drops will make the Apple Watch a ubiquitous product.