Apple Unveils New Nylon Apple Watch Bands

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 7.12.23 PM

For the first time, Apple has added a Woven Nylon band to its Apple Watch collection. Announced at the “Let Us Loop You In” event, the Nylon band marks the first time Apple has introduced an entirely new design and material for its Watch bands. The band is constructed from 4 layers of woven nylon, which gives the appearance of a striped design on the outward facing part of the band. A contrasting layer of color lines the inside of the band. The traditional watch buckle is constructed with aluminum to match the Apple Watch Sport.

The Woven Nylon band is great for anyone looking for a casual band besides the existing Sport Band. It will ship later this mont for $49 in 7 colors including Gold/Red, Gold/Royal Blue, Royal Blue, Pink, Pearl, Scuba Blue, and Black.

Pair Multiple Apple Watches to Your iPhone


Today, Apple released developer previews of iOS 9.3 and watchOS 2.2 that include the ability to pair multiple Apple Watches to a single iPhone. For the new feature to work, all devices must run either iOS 9.3 or watchOS 2.2. Connecting more than one Apple Watch to a single iPhone will be incredibly useful for users who want to use different Watch models for different situations. For example, an Apple Watch Edition owner can exclusively wear the luxury device in scenarios that pose little damage to the device. In addition, a separate Apple Watch Sport can also be paired to the user’s iPhone for use during more strenuous activities. The iPhone will detect which Watch is being worn and automatically connect the active Watch.

Expect the public release of iOS 9.3 and watchOS 2.2 to arrive in several weeks.

Exclusive Apple Watch Configurations Available for Chinese New Year


In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Apple will release two new exclusive Apple Watch Sport configurations. One configuration will include the silver Apple Watch Sport with a Red Sport Band, while the other configuration will feature the Gold Apple Watch Sport with the same Red Sport Band. These special edition models will go on sale January 15th and continue to be sold until February 22nd in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. 38mm and 42mm versions of the Watch will be available. While the Chinese New Year will mark the first time Apple will sell the Apple Watch Sport with the Red Sport Band, users can buy the band separately and attach it to their Watches, so these special models are not expected to become collectable editions of the Apple Watch.

Receive $100 Discount on Apple Watch This Wednesday


On Wednesday December 9th, Best Buy plans to lower the price of all its Apple Watch stock by $100. This means the entry-level 38mm Apple Watch Sport will cost only $249, while the stainless steel Apple Watch will start at $499. Best Buy stocks select configurations of both Apple Watch models. Click here to view Best Buy’s Apple Watch selection.

In terms of value, this offer tops Best Buy’s Black Friday Watch promotion, which only refused the price of Apple Watch Sport by $50. The new discount will last until Christmas and is intended to boost the sales of Apple Watch over the holiday season.

Apple To Release Additional Apple Watch Sport Bands


Apple will release new Apple Watch Sport bands in a variety of colors at its September 9th media event. The new colors will consist of more neutral and darker colors to complement the current neon colors available. More colors will give Apple Watch sport customers more customization options, which will increase Apple’s Apple Watch profits. News of the additional colors first surfaced in April when Jony Ive showcased several new colors at Milan Design Week. Apple hopes the broader range of Apple Watch band colors will entice people purchasing the new iPhone 6s to also invest in an Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Sport Unboxing

The Apple Watch Sport packaging is beautiful! It features a long, heavy solid white box with an embossed Apple Watch logo and configuration information. Inside, the Watch has its own small box, which makes it feel expensive and personal. Overall, the Apple Watch Sport packaging makes the product feel like a wearable because of its substantial box design. Watch the full unboxing video above to see the Apple Watch Sport packaging.