Pair Multiple Apple Watches to Your iPhone


Today, Apple released developer previews of iOS 9.3 and watchOS 2.2 that include the ability to pair multiple Apple Watches to a single iPhone. For the new feature to work, all devices must run either iOS 9.3 or watchOS 2.2. Connecting more than one Apple Watch to a single iPhone will be incredibly useful for users who want to use different Watch models for different situations. For example, an Apple Watch Edition owner can exclusively wear the luxury device in scenarios that pose little damage to the device. In addition, a separate Apple Watch Sport can also be paired to the user’s iPhone for use during more strenuous activities. The iPhone will detect which Watch is being worn and automatically connect the active Watch.

Expect the public release of iOS 9.3 and watchOS 2.2 to arrive in several weeks.

$17,000 Gold Apple Watch Edition Unboxing

The $17,000 Apple Watch Edition comes in Apple’s most premium packaging yet. The Case containing the gold Apple Watch Edition is wrapped in supple leather and has an embedded charger. Watch this unboxing video to see the gold Apple Watch Edition and its packaging.

Apple Watch Edition Delivery Process

Apple Watch Delivery Confirmation

Today, I received my shipping confirmation for the Apple Watch Edition. I ordered the $17,000 gold 38mm Apple Watch with a Red Modern Buckle on April 10th and got a May delivery date. The gold Watch will arrive on Friday, May 29th. While it is late late March, Apple fulfilled it’s delivery date promise. After I received the shipping confirmation, an Apple Watch Edition specialist contacted me by phone to confirm all the delivery details. The Edition team allows customers to choose specified a specified date, time, and location for the delivery to take place. Also, they inform customers of the business casual clothing the courier will be wearing at the time of the delivery. After the Watch is delivered, customers can call the Edition team for a personal setup in the comfort of their own home. Overall, the Apple Watch Edition team offers an increased customer service experience than Apple’s regular sales team by offering clear and personalized service.