Apple Watch 2 Not Launching at Apple’s March Event


Today, several sources reported Apple’s plan to introduce new products at a March, 15th event. Since the Apple Watch launched last April, many people assumed Apple would update the device about a year later, as the company does with other flagship products like the iPhone. Now, insiders say Apple will not launch a second generation Apple Watch this spring, but will instead update its line of Apple Watch bands. It remains unclear which bands will be updated or if any new watch bands will be announced, but expect new Sport Band colors, which Apple updated once before at a September event.

Expect the new Apple Watch bands to launch besides a new iPad Air 3 and iPhone 5se at a press event on March 15th.

Apple Watch 2 Trial Production Beginning


Apple Watch 2 Concept

Anticipation for the second generation Apple Watch continues to grow as its launch nears. A report from a Taiwanese website claims the Apple Watch 2 will begin trial production at the end of January. Quanta will once again be responsible for manufacturing the Apple Watch, but Apple may enlist other manufacturers to achieve greater profit return on the next Apple Watch.

If the report is accurate, Apple’s next smartwatch’s design and feature set has already been largely finalized. The Apple Watch 2 is expected to include faster performance, more capabilities when not connected to an iPhone, and a FaceTime camera. Expect the Apple Watch 2 to launch in spring of 2016.

Next Apple Watch Launching Q2 2016


Apple is reportedly planning on launching the second generation Apple Watch in Q2 of 2016, with Quanta Computer said to be working with Apple to develop the device. This launch timeline would see the Apple Watch introduced by June 2016. Given this time period, the future device could see its introduction at Apple’s annual WWDC conference in early June. The current Apple Watch was announced at Apple’s 2014 September iPhone event and launched in April, but since it was a new product category, Apple needed more time for consumers to learn about the device between introduction and launch.

The next Apple Watch may include a FaceTime camera and a slimmer profile. New Wifi capabilities are also said to be created so the Watch can have more functions without the need to be connected to an iPhone.