Pharrell Williams Wears Apple Watch on The Voice

The Voice - Season 8Apple Watch appeared on celebrity musician Pharrell Williams’s wrist on the April 6th episode of The Voice. The NBC show marked the first televised appearance of Apple Watch. Apple has been carefully curating Apple Watch marketing to ensure the device’s recognition as a fashion accessory. Since Pharrell is known for his signature fashion, he served as the perfect person to showcase the Watch’s beautiful design. Pharrell’s Watch on The Voice was the high end Apple Watch Edition with white sport band, which retails for $10,000. In addition to wearing the Apple Watch on The Voice, Pharrell also took to Instagram to show how the Apple Watch Retina Display illuminates when users raise their wrist. Overall, Pharrell wearing Apple Watch on TV contributes to Apple’s goal of making the Apple Watch a sought after fashion accessory.

Spend 30 Minutes With Apple Watch Edition on April 10th


Starting April 10th, Apple Stores will feature Apple Watch displays so customers can decide which Watch model to purchase ahead of the April 24th release. The displays include tables of Apple Watches protected with glass tops. Customers will be allowed to set up an appointment to try on different Apple Watch models. In the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport appointments, Apple employees will spend 15 minutes helping customers choose which Watch model matches their personal style and usage. People looking to buy the Apple Watch Edition will have 30 minutes to try on the various bands and cases. In addition, Edition buyers will be helped by dedicated sales staff that underwent extensive luxury sales training. The Edition will only be available in limited quantity at select Apple Stores, but it is not clear which stores will carry the $10,000 watch yet. After customers decide which Watch model to purchase, they can preorder the Apple Watch for delivery on April 24th, or set a time to pick it up in stores on April 24th.

Would you want to engrave a personal message on your Apple Watch?

With Apple set to formally announce Apple Watch on March 9th, many specific details of the device remain unknown. Some rumors suggest Apple will allow customers to engrave a custom message onto their watch. The custom message would presumably be on the back of the device around the heart rate sensors. This engraving option would be consistent with Apple’s fashion push for the device and engraving options for the iPod lineup, but would cause resale values to drop dramatically. Buying a $4500 Apple Watch Edition with an engraved message would be fashionable, but is it worth the resale price reduction? Would you want to personally engrave your Apple Watch?

Apple Watch in Vogue


Apple is advertising the Apple Watch in the March edition of Vogue. The ad spreads multiples pages and includes gorgeous photos highlighting several different Apple watch bands. Also, actual size images of the watch allow people to visualize what the watch will look like in person.


This ad shows how Apple is marketing its watch as a fashion device. As part of its fashion push, Apple previewed Apple Watch in French stores Colette and is rumored to be creating an Apple Watch display in Galeries Lafayette. As the April launch for Apple Watch nears, expect to see more marketing material showing off the beauty of Apple Watch.