4 Reasons Apple Watch Will Power Shares Above $200 by September

AAPL Chart

AAPL data by YCharts

While many already believe that Apple shares are undervalued compared with the broad based market, I believe there are 4 main reasons Wall Street has been caught sleeping and is well behind the curve when assessing the future prospects and earnings of the company.

Consider this:

1) History will prove that the Apple Watch will be the most important consumer product launch in the history of the company. While most on Main Street and Wall Street are looking at this as simply the next gadget of the month, they are failing to see the bigger picture.

2) To put it in simple terms, Apple Watch will be a transformative product that will give each and every one of us Super Human powers. All of us will be utilizing technology in a far more intuitive and intimate way then ever thought possible. I believe that a groundswell of positive word of mouth will quickly spread from the early adopters and first movers to the population at large.

3) The huge demand for the Apple Watch will be accompanied by a parallel explosion in demand for the iPhone 6 as Android users realize enmasse that they’ve bet on the wrong horse.

4) Apple has a long term proven track record of anticipating the needs of its customers and providing revolutionary products to meet those needs long before those needs are even recognized by the world.

Look for all surprises in Apple’s financial performance to be on the upside as the Apple Watch powers the company’s shares above $200 by 3Q 2015.

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