Apple Watch To Increase Average Life Expectancy 3.8 Years in US

applewatchApple Watch To Increase Average Life Expectancy 3.8 Years in US

While Apple Watch will enhance many aspects of everyday life, its Killer App may just be a significant extension in life itself! Over the past five years, Apple has hired over two dozen of the foremost health experts in the world. This World Class team has been assigned with the task of transforming the way all of us monitor and maintain our health.

I’m convinced that in five years, we will all look back at this month’s revolutionary product release as the most significant improvement in life expectancy and modern medicine in the past 50 years.

When the device launches, it will contain apps and sensors to monitor our daily activity. The Apple Watch will immediately improve your workouts and help you reach your fitness goals. But this is just the beginning. Once the Apple Watch has been unleashed upon the Apple development community, mindboggling new apps will be created that revolutionize modern medicine. Sharing critical information from the Apple Watch’s monitors and sensors will help doctors detect illnesses before they happen. As the Apple Watch user base expands exponentially, a treasure trove of data and research will be created on a scale once thought impossible.

Realistically, these groundbreaking improvements in health management should easily increase the life expectancy of people in the United States by 5 percent. This would mean an average increase in life expectancy of 3.8 years for men and 4years for women. If I’m right, the question won’t be whether you can afford an Apple Watch, but whether you can afford not to own one!

Please share your thoughts and dreams on how you imagine Apple Watch improving the health of us all!

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